Process and Costs for Director's Non Liquidation Redundancy Claims

We'll always be happy to provide a free initial consultation and assessment, however, should you choose to instruct us to manage your claim, you can find out here what to expect.

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Telephone assessment

Speak with one of our advisors to carry out an initial assessment of your outstanding entitlements. We’ll advise on whether you’d be likely to make a successful claim to the Redundancy Payments Service, whether this is the most appropriate route for you, and what the value of any potential claim would be.

Engagement and document sharing

Once you’ve decided you’d like to proceed with us, you’ll instruct us to manage your claim and forward all relevant documentation to support your claim. Where possible, this will all be done online. We’ll give you a list of information we need including for example, payroll documents, company bank statements and the last set of full accounts produced by the company.


We’ll draw up your claim information and forward it to you to review electronically. Once this has been agreed by you, we will submit your application to the Redundancy Payments Service. Normally the RPS will request an initial six week period in which to assess and evaluate your claim.


Once the Redundancy Payments Service has agreed your claim, a notification will be forwarded to you and you’ll receive payment into your nominated bank account within approximately five to seven days.


We like to keep it simple. We charge 15% of the claim paid plus VAT.

In the example below, the director had been employed by the company for five years. They were 55 and had worked full time, 40 hours per week. The estimates below are based on a salary of £30,000 (which is subject to statutory limits) and National Minimum Wage (which is how salary is calculated where the minimum amount has been paid through PAYE).

Employment Information Full Salary National Minimum Wage

Redundancy Pay 7.5 weeks



RA fees at 15% plus VAT



Payment due to director



Redundancy Assist is a claims management company. Any employee can make a claim directly to the Redundancy Payments Service without the use of a claims management company and without charge.

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Do You Qualify?

In order to qualify for payments from the Redundancy Payments Service, you must be able to demonstrate that you are an employee as well as a director of the company. Normally, this will require at least some of your salary to have been paid through the company PAYE scheme.

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Liquidating your Business

The best way for you to close your business is likely to be dictated by its financial circumstances. Liquidation is a formal legal process, which must be dealt with by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

Liquidating your Business

Directors Redundancy — Non-Insolvency Claims

If the business is unable to make redundancy payments where they are due, there is support available to you. If the only payments due are redundancy payments, the Redundancy Payments Service's Financial Assistance Scheme may be the most appropriate option for you.

Find out about Directors Non-Liquidation Claims

Helping director employees get back what they’re due

Redundancy Assist was formed with the sole purpose of helping directors make claims for their redundancy entitlements in the event of insolvency.

Our staff have operated within the insolvency sector for several years and have a deep understanding of its procedures and requirements. Coupled with our strong working relationship with the Redundancy Payments Service, our experience enables us to expertly advise company directors of insolvent companies.

Our case managers all hold up to date CIPD qualifications in Employment Law.