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Helping director employees get back what they’re due

Redundancy Assist was set up with the sole intention of ensuring that limited company directors know where they stand in the event that their company is closing for financial reasons. It is little known that there is support available if the business is unable to meet its obligations for redundancy payments and other monies due.

Directors Redundancy

Directors Liquidation Claims

If the company is unable to make redundancy payments to its employees, including directors that have been on the payroll and to all intents and purposes, employees of the company, and there are also arrears of pay, holiday entitlements and claims for loss of notice due, this is likely to be the most appropriate route.

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Directors Non-liquidation Claims

It may well be the case that the company has paid all its creditors but there are no funds to make redundancy payments where they are due. In these cases, applications can be made to the Redundancy Payments Service Financial Assistance scheme.

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